If you are looking for a time management strategy game than Papa’s Bakeria game is the perfect game for you to play in your free time. Papa’s Bakeria is the 12th installment of famous Papa Louie’s Resturant game series. You will be working in Papas Bakeria as Cecilia or Timm, which are your playable characters in this amazing game.

The game is about inner Whiskview mall. The winner of Kingsley’s Customerpalooza 2015, Steven, makes his reputable debut as a Customer in the sport. It turned into launched on march 14, 2016. Playing Papa’s Bakeria is fun but if you are looking for a more challenging game than you must give a shot to Unfair Mario. This game will test your skills and patience.

How To Play Papa’s Bakeria Unblocked Game

Here on our website, you will get an opportunity to play unblocked version of Papa’s Bakeria game for free. Click the following Image to navigate to game section. Remember this is the only unblocked version of Papa’s Bakeria available on internet. You will get a lot more options and features in this game.

How to Play Papa’s Bakeria Game Online

To play Papa’s Bakeria Unblocked you have to click on the image above. After that you will navigate to game console. It will take less than 15 seconds to load the game and after that you can join the game.

When you joined the game, it means that you are hired by Papa louie. Now it’s time for you to show your skills. Alway keep this in mind that you are in Whiskview Mall and you bakery is getting more visitors than any other resturant. So you’ll not allowed to spend a honeymoon period in your bakery and you have to start working with a time management technique right away.

You will be assigned to complete many different tasks like selecting the right crust and filling them with delicious ingredients and in the end bake them to perfection! Before you achieved your goal, navigate to top station to serve your tasty meal to your customer. If you successfully managed to make your customer happy, you will advance to level 2 which will be more tougher than the first. Click here to play most challenging game get on top unblocked for fight.

Papa’s Bakeria Unblocked Game

Papa’s games are the biggest and most famous project by flipline studio. Papa’s games were a concept of a restaurant which provide everything for their customers. In this restaurant you can buy, Pizza, Pasta, Ice Cream, Cookies, and many more these type of things and these all are games. The name of restaurant is papa’s louie and this is a big building and every shop is a new game. But today our topic is papa’s bakeria game so we will tell you everything about papa’s bakeria and who was the developer of this game.

This game was super hit game of 2015 and the all collection of papa games are also super famous. So they decided to launch these type of games more. In 2017 they launch Papa’s Sushiria and this game also going up and up. The all collection of papa’s games are super hit all time. If you also love these games then you can play these games online. You don’t need any Laptop specifications you don’t need any strong internet ping. This is totally free style laptop PC game with cool features.

Papa’s Bakeria Wiki

We’ve made a complete wiki article about Papa’s Bakeria just for you people. If you want to be a master chef in Papa’s Bakeria game then read our brief wiki article about this game. As we know that Flipline studio developing games since 2007. This studio is created by the most famous games developer Matt Neff. He was a local employ at contests games wikia then he left that company and start his own studio. Papa’s games are the most biggest collection of flipline studio but today we will discuses about papa’s bakeria unblocked game and more details are below.

Papa’s Bakeria Developers

Papa’s bakeria game developed by Matt Neff he is also the CEO of flipline studio. But there are many peoples who create papa’s bakeria game. Some were designers and some people was sound makers, graphics designers but the main coder and main developer was Matt Neff. Papa’s bakeria was create in 2015 but this game changed with time to time. Developers add latest features which are cooler than old updates. This is a big collection and also the most famous collection of filplines studios that’s way they keep more concentrate on papa’s games collections. But all games are awesome which design and develop by flipline studio. Important information papa’s bakeria’s and 8 ball pool unblocked both are created by one studio.

Papa’s Bakeria Game-play

Papas Bakeria is a time management strategy game which is almost an easy game to play only if you completely understand it’s game-play. If you have’t any knowledge about this game then this game will frustrate you but if you know all the basic things, this game would be a piece of cake for you.

The basic concept of it’s game-play is to keep your customers happy by delievering their orders in time. You have to cover up all of your orders in time. No one likes a tasteless meal, so you have to focus on quality of your cooking as well. In short, your customers want you to cook desired meal deliciously and serve in time.

There will be different task to complete like you will be tasked with selecting the right crust. Afterword’s, filling them with a selection of wild ingredient, and at the last but not the least, baking them to perfection! Before you achieved your target, head over to the top station to present your pies the completion with a big collection of toppings to pick out from.

Papa’s Bakeria Customers List

You will have to server more than 65 customers in the whole game. Every customer will be unlocked after successfully completing the previous level. You can complete the previous level by presenting a tasty meal to your previous customer. If he get satisfied by your service, he will tell his friend and his friend will be your next customer. Below is an overview of Papa’s Bakeria customers list.

  • Sue (LEVEL 2)
  • Taylor (LEVEL 3)
  • Janana (LEVEL4)
  • Carlo Romano (LEVELfive)
  • Xandra (LEVEL6)
  • Ivy (LEVEL7)
  • Rico (LEVEL8)
  • Bruna Romano (LEVEL9)
  • Robby (LEVEL10)
  • Scarlett (LEVEL 11)

And the list continues on till level 65.

Closing Customers

These are the customers who’ll visit your bakery at your closing time. So here you will need to sharpen your time management skills.

  • Whiff (DAY: monday)
  • Radlynn (DAY: tuesday)
  • Mayor Mallow (DAY: wednesday)
  • Quinn (DAY: thursday)
  • Xolo (DAY: friday)
  • Rhonda (DAY: saturday)
  • Jojo (DAY: sunday)

Local Customers

These are your local customers and they often visit your bakery randomnly. Actually these customers will make your job tough. You will know the reason when you play this game.

  • Cherissa
  • Duke gotcha
  • Janana
  • Steven
  • Whiff

Papa’s Bakeria Features

Unlike all other Papa Louie games, Papa’s Bakeria have a lot of cool features like, amazing graphics, smooth controls and time management console.

This is also the first video game, which gives a good way to feature a sticker section. This is additionally the first game that is utilizing a new font for the phrases.

Overall this game is a perfect platform for those who want to spend their free time by playing some very addictive games. There is no other game is better then Papa’s Bakeria.

Papa’s Bakeria Reviews

After two weeks of it’s launch date, Papa’s Bakeria recieved more than 10 thousands five star reviews. People start loving this game. every 96 people out of 100 became addicted to Papa’s Bakeria after playing this game for the first time. I’ve personally scene many people who play this game for more than 2 hours a day.

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