Papa’s Bakeria is the 12 recreation within the Papa Louie’s restaurant time management series. Cecilia and Timm are the default workers in the game, however gamers can create their own custom worker as well. The game is about inner Whiskview mall. The winner of Kingsley’s Customerpalooza 2015, Steven, makes his reputable debut as a Customer in the sport. It turned into launched on march 14, 2016.

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Play Papa’s Bakeria Online Game Here

Click the following button to papa’s bakeria game online. Remember this is the unblocked version of this game and you will face the extreme difficult level while playing this game. So, for what are you waiting for? Go ahead and test your skills.


Okay so you’re hired!!! But do you think that you are sufficient to handle one of the most Big Bakery selling after-pies in this town, that is whiskview mall, Papa’s Bakeria gets its attention form visitors that are starving for some Delicious tastes. There will be different task to complete like you will be tasked with selecting the right crust. Afterword’s, filling them with a selection of wild ingredient, and at the last but not the least, baking them to perfection! Before you achieved your target, head over to the top station to present your pies the completion with a big collection of toppings to pick out from

Papa’s Bakeria is very first to introduce the brand-new sticker section! While you are playing the game, you’ll be able to earn 90 colorful brand stickers by completing an extensive sort of tasks. As you play, you will unlock hundred and One wacky clients. Each of these clients are than assigned three specific stickers. If you have earned every of these stickers, you will be rewarded with a cutting-edge outfit to offer to that purchaser!

  • Papa’s particular time-management & time saving cooking methods.
  • Use lots of flavor combinations to craft the proper pie.
  • Bake the pies and garnish with wonderful toppings.
  • Earn colorful stickers through finishing precise responsibilities.
  • Use stickers to unlock new clothing to your customers.
  • Master forty precise unique recipes.
  • Hire a server for the dining room.
  • Customize your chef and server.
  • Buy festive fixtures and other stuff to fill your lobby.
  • Play through 4 seasons and twelve holidays.
  • Finally unlock 123 menu objects.
  • Over a hundred loopy customers to free up.
  • 7 amusing mini-games with lots of prizes to win.
  • Use your pointers to shop for upgrades in your shop.
  • Weekly paychecks and increases as you stage up.
  • Absolutely free to play online!

Papa’s Bakeria New Features

  • “Stickers” that allow the participant to get opportunity of clothing for customers after earning a selected mixture of stickers.
  • Updated consumer section.
  • Gifting garments.
  • Skipping the “new season/vacation/client/aspect” animation with a unmarried click on (on screen).

Papa’s Bakeria CUSTUMERS list

The day a player unlocks new clients (the ones who aren’t unlocked while reaching a brand new rank or level), and the order of when they emerge as available, depends upon how well one plays all through the route of this game. There are certainly no “set days” as to whilst a number of the characters are unlocked, however their order of appearance should be accurate.

  • Sue (LEVEL 2)
  • Taylor (LEVEL 3)
  • Janana (LEVEL4)
  • Carlo Romano (LEVELfive)
  • Xandra (LEVEL6)
  • Ivy (LEVEL7)
  • Rico (LEVEL8)
  • Bruna Romano (LEVEL9)
  • Robby (LEVEL10)
  • Scarlett (LEVEL 11)
  • And the list continues on till level 65.


Those who close the bakery are mentions below.

  • Whiff (DAY: monday)
  • Radlynn (DAY: tuesday)
  • Mayor Mallow (DAY: wednesday)
  • Quinn (DAY: thursday)
  • Xolo (DAY: friday)
  • Rhonda (DAY: saturday)
  • Jojo (DAY: sunday)


  • Cherissa
  • Duke gotcha
  • Janana
  • Steven
  • Whiff

That is the very 1st game to not award the badges just like papa’s burgeria. This is also the first video game, which gives a good way to feature a sticker section. This is additionally the first game that is utilizing a new font for the phrases. This game has 123 ingredients, ninety stickers and 40 specials. This is the second one gameria to use an apron as part of the usual employee’s uniform. This is the 1st game wherein woman workers can put on dresses. This is also the first game where male workers can put on skirts or attire. If gambling with custom employees, players can pick the worker’s dream activity. On the start of the game, he or she will be able to apply for a process at any of these six locations.

  • Dance studio (already selected for Timm and Cecilia)
  • Comic shop
  • Video games
  • Bookshop
  • Splendor salon
  • Garb corporation

The place which previously was the Whiskview dance studio (or any of the other five groups above) is open for the duration of the vacations as other corporations for the duration of the primary “year” of the game. The stores that open next to the Bakeria include

  • Fit frenzy decision answer (new year)
  • Bumble bouquet (valentine’s day)
  • Scratch n coins (St. Paddy’s day)
  • Fuzzy pals pet keep (Easter)
  • Chibi leaf bonsai supply (cherry blossom competition)
  • Tiki bean espresso oasis (summer season luau)
  • Flash bang! Firework outlet (starlight jubilee)
  • Planet Zulz tabletop and card video games (comet con)
  • Rock jaw concert membership (Groovstock)
  • Costume morgue (Halloween)
  • Autumn breeze all things pumpkin spice (thanksgiving)
  • Wrapper’s pride (Christmas)

Because Whiskview mall is huge, there are quite a few stores that gamers do no longer see at some point of the everyday series before game starts. However, a number of customers deliver around shopping bags from some of these stores, including

  • Vita-mad Supplemax
  • Shoe-fly co.
  • Recreation buddies
  • Surf shack

In the course of the Halloween season, closers will dress up in costumes

  • Whiff is dressed like a Viking and sporting with him a hammer.
  • The others nevertheless wear their up to date variations of their regular Halloween costumes:
  • Radlynn wears a white overcoat with the Radley Madish mask
  • Quinn’s cat gown changed from black to brown.
  • Xolo has white gloves.

Maggie, Cooper, Clair and Mary are a number of the clients who’s updated “cleaned-up” seems additionally include the clothes they wore in older video games (Papa’s Pizzeria, Papa’s Burgeria). This is the primary sport wherein the mini game hallway hunt is not protected. A few clients who seemed in pl2:wba and pl3:wsa have his/her fashion because as the one in the game. This is the second one game (after papa’s Cupcakeria) that both James and willow love Halloween. Both Duke Gotcha or Gremmie may be your final customers as they may be the remaining only things to be unlocked. This happens if you rank up too speedy the usage of a special.

Customer’s orders may be visible at any time on the ‘patron facts’ tab

  • Janana is the most effective neighborhood to be unlocked at a rank.
  • This game has the largest quantity of components in one section. This is additionally the game with the most elements thus far.
  • A complete quantity of 21 toppings may be placed on a pie (1 inside the center, eight in the inner ring, and 12 in the outer ring).
  • This is the simplest game after Pastaria in which the first holiday isn’t always a new excursion.
  • No time customers are unlocked after Trishna until you liberate Shannon in starlight jubilee.

While gamers ultimately reach that factor in the game wherein he or she can have to serve 8 clients, three customers will just like the current holiday, 2 clients order the these days unique (with special signal), 2 customers will randomly visit, and then of direction, the very last purchaser is the nearer. This is the second game (first is Cupcakeria to move!) in which you can bypass via clicking the display while a new purchaser, a new factor, a holiday or a pay day introduces.


Some customers will carry objects into the restaurant to have a good time the vacations

  • New yearr– Rainbow noisemaker (x wand with Xandra)
  • Valentine’s day – rose (cupid bow & arrows with Scarlett)
  • St. Paddy’s day – Eire flag (gold horseshoe with Georgito)
  • Easter – basket of grass (carrot with Cletus)
  • Cherry blossom festival – paper lantern (paper fan with Tohru)
  • Summer season luau – paper fan
  • Starlight jubilee – Sparkler
  • Comet con – Lightsaber
  • Groovstock -Tambourine
  • Halloween – Jack-o-lantern basket (cranium basket with Willow)
  • Thanksgiving – Turkey leg
  • Christmas – Sweet cane

This is the handiest game where the customers have two outfits (three if they get dressed up for vacations). There are no customers who order four fillings in there pie. Some of the purchaser’s “fashion b” clothing that are given to them as gifts by means of a participant’s primary worker constitute that person in a way.

For instance

  • Sue’s style b outfit capabilities design factors from her process at the Tastyville Fluffmarket.
  • Rita’s style b outfit is the identical outfit she wears to have fun the Sugarplex movie fest.
  • Allan is a hockey participant, his fashion b outfit is his hockey uniform.
  • Both cooper’s and prudence’s fashion b outfits are their Pancakeria uniforms.
  • Maggie’s fashion b outfit is her taco Mia! Uniform.
  • Scarlett and Rudy have their Cheeseria uniforms as their style b outfits.
  • Wally likes fishing, his style b is a fishing outfit.
  • As Edna looks after Xandra and Xolo, her fashion b outfit functions factors from the twins’ clothes.
  • Greg’s style b outfit is the Tastyville tomatoes baseball uniform.
  • Papa Louie, little Edoardo and Olga’s fashion b clothing were from the Romano wedding
  • Captain Cori’s style b outfit consists of a pirate captain’s hat
  • The mannequins from style Flambe are visible in numerous locations across the mall for the duration of the final series during Halloween.
  • Both taco & Mia! People are unlocked with a filling.

Papa’s Bakeria Is one of the most leading and entertain able game that an individual can play. It also helps in increase of your picking power. Helps in decor some cool and sweet products with amazing toppings that you will finally present in to customer and in this way you’ll be able to get points and increase in levels of your game.

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